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Naughty nurse: Man fondled ER patient's penis as he lay in hospital bed drugged, video suggests

2015-04-14 4,324 Dailymotion

If you’ve ever had a nurse-fondles-patient fantasy, this story will likely ruin it.

A Florida man who wishes to remain anonymous, says he he was admitted to the ER at Palm Springs General Hospital with severe back pain and was given a big dose of sedatives—so far so good.

But then, according to his lawsuit, as he lay there in a groggy, drugged up state, a male nurse came in and started fondling his genitals.

The man says he was too sedated to scream, but he did say “Hey, WTF!” but the nurse allegedly replied, “Oh, just checking to make sure you’re okay.’”

The patient then set his cell phone to record video and propped it up on his shoulder before pretending to be asleep.

The man says the nurse, identified as 51-year-old Rene Martinez, also repeatedly returned to the room to convince the man to show his organ to friends for ‘good money.’

Police arrested Nurse Martinez and found male porn sites on his phone’s web browser.

The alleged victim of the wandering hands wants a couple of a million dollars from the hospital for claimed abuse. While Martinez’s lawyer says the patient is a convicted felon and the video doesn’t show the ‘full picture’.

The two will square-off in court in January.


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