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Korean girl's bikini addiction annoys family, makes national TV

2015-05-14 10,137 Dailymotion

Sexy Korean girl annoys family with bikini addiction: An aspiring young Korean model is a step closer to realizing her dreams after being featured on South Korean TV program Martian Virus for her addiction to two-piece swimsuits. Yeonyun -- no family name given in the television segment -- yearns to be a bikini model, but the woman's nearly nude antics are wearing thin on her family, who say she treats their house like its a fashion show runway.

Her family, including her grandmother are fed up with her obsession. But the young woman enjoys parading her attractive 34-24-35-inch body and in unperturbed by the attention she receives from strange men while shopping or otherwise going about her day.

Keeping up with Yeonyun is tough, says her mother, who claims her daughter's swimwear obsession has killed her enthusiasm for swimming.


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