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Helicopter Video Shows Kayaker Falling into Water While Great White Shark Lurks Beneath

2018-05-10 2,543 Dailymotion

Helicopter footage shows a great white shark lurking below a lone kayaker as he falls into the water in Seacliff State Beach in Santa Cruz County, California, on May 8.

The video, captured by Specialized Helicopters, shows the kayaker in open water with one great white nearby and two others in the distance. The kayaker was able to paddle away and the sharks did not seem to notice, according to a report by FOX 35 news.

Chris Gularte, who operates Specialized Helicopters Santa Cruz, told Storyful he often encounters sealife while piloting his helicopter tours in the Santa Cruz area. Gularte stated there were at least 12 great whites currently in the area. Credit: Specialized Helicopters (Santa Cruz) via Storyful